Welcome to 4e

Inavit iQ 4e (Pty) Ltd is a member of the inavit iQ group of companies. Our primary focus is on business performance through brand engagement driven by customer delight and employee commitment.

As a group we have significant experience in the design and implementation of:

  • Brand strategy;
  • Customer satisfaction assessment
  • Employee commitment assessment and improvement; and
  • Internal and external communication strategies and processes.

We also have access to expertise both locally and abroad that allows us to craft customer satisfaction and employee commitment solutions that will lead to demonstrable business benefits.

Within the inavit iQ group of companies we also have access to a variety of customisable solutions in the areas of:

  • Business process and work design to ensure customer focus;
  • Leadership and behavioural development processes aimed at driving employee commitment; and
  • Business scorecards that support visible measurement.In short, our commitment to our clients is to work with them to be deliberate and mindful in building organisations that excel in delivering customer delight.